The world’s leading clothing brand
for behind-the-scenes creators

The average behind-the-scenes creator will spend thousands of hours perfecting their craft. So, unless you’re a professional athlete or marathon runner, we believe you deserve clothing that speak to your passion and sacrifice, and not someone else’s.


We thought behind-the-scenes creators deserved better than what the fashion world was offering. So, in 2022, we started Beats and Faders Clothing Company with this goal in mind; offering behind-the-scenes creators, such as music producers, audio engineers, stage techs, screenwriters, directors, videographers and DJs, quality clothing that represented them.


We get it. So many artists print their own logos, slogans and stage names on t-shirts via online screen-printing sites, but we wondered if that was enough? Would the world recognize how vital behind-the-scenes creators were if we continued to stay divided? Or would we be conquered?


So, after listening to the behind-the-scenes community, we designed our clothing to provide comfort and style during those long studio sessions, concerts and video shoots. Something that could represent us as a whole while also providing style and durability. Hear from one of our
co-Founders as he explains how he finally came up with the idea of Beats & Faders Clothing company after decades in the background.


Our mission is to build the world’s largest community of behind-the-scenes creators so we can share our contributions and importance with the world. Follow us on Instagram so we can share your story next or Shop Now and Co-sign our mission today.